Remix album "Dusunkun Hakili Remixed" Out on 04.20.2023

New album "Dusunkun Hakili Remixed" with remixes by Africaine 808, The Mirror, Shkema, Wolg (and many others) due for release on 04.20.2023

4/10/20231 min read

Lithuanian-based musician and producer Victor Diawara's project Afrodelic has announced the release of their new remix album titled Dusunkun Hakili Remixed, set to drop on April 20th, 2023. The album is a reimagining of songs from their critically acclaimed debut album, Dusunkun Hakili, which was released in June 2022.

The new remix album features a diverse lineup of DJs and producers from around the world, including Africaine 808, Shtuby, The Mirror, Wolg, Shkema and many others. Notably, Vilnius night Mayor Mark Adam Harold, also known as Mark Splinter, has contributed to the album.

Since the release of Dusunkun Hakili, Afrodelic has gained critical acclaim for their innovative sound, which has been described as a fusion of electronic and traditional African music. Their singles, including "Weleli," "I tara fan fan," and "Je n’aime pas les fetes," have received airplay on radio stations in France, including France Inter and Virgin Radio France, and have been playlisted by several other radio stations, including RFI, FIP, Radio Krimi, and many local radio stations.

In addition to their success on the airwaves, Afrodelic has also supported various artists and performed in over 10 countries, including Croatia's InMusic Festival, Germany's Fusion Festival, and Italy's DiMondi Festival and BO Afrique Festival, as well as showcase festivals like Eurosonic in the Netherlands, Liverpool Sound City in the UK, Primavera Pro in Spain, and Tallinn Music Week in Estonia.

The new remix album, Dusunkun Hakili Remixed, promises to showcase Afrodelic's unique sound in a new light, with contributions from DJs and producers from the global music scene.Look forward to experiencing the band's fusion of traditional Malian music and electronic sounds when the album drops on April 20th, 2023.